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President’s Message


Friends of the AWHM,

As we move into September, I wanted to provide a brief update about where we are as an organization. As discussed at our last BOD meeting, we have weathered the COVID storm well. While activity at the museum has been slow and events have been put on pause, financially we are in a good place. Through the efforts of the BOD, Lynn’s handwork identifying grants and loans, and the generosity of Margie and Mark Cromwell’s Spring VIP event, we were able to make it through an unprecedented global pandemic and SLOW summer with very little impact to the financial foundation of the museum. Due to the aforementioned items, while we still have a ways to go towards some return to normal, we remain optimistic that our “rebound” will be smoother and quicker than others in our community. 

With the uncertainty of fall/winter, and with the safety of all members and guests as our top priority, we have chosen to put things on hold. We have cancelled our fall oyster roast, one of our major fundraising efforts. We have cancelled our annual Christmas/Holiday gathering. We will limit operation hours beginning October 1st to being open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. With that said, we are turning our focus and planning efforts to Spring and Summer 2021. More exciting information to come about these efforts in the coming months. 

I hope my message to you this month finds you all well and while brief, one of great promise for our future. I want to thank Lynn Hightower and Martha Davenport for their commitment to change and doing things differently. 

I want to thank Jacky Richards for her leadership in the Garden Club. I also want to thank Tom Richards, and Martha Davenport for their hard work and dedication to the cottage gardens. I want to thank our carvers Elaine Polizos, Roy Carlson, Ed Morrison, The Boathouse Boys (Al, Jamie, John, and Pete), and Susan Moritz. I want to thank Parke Atkinson, Larry Davenport, and Jim Menhe for their service and leadership as the Executive Committee of the BOD. Lastly I want to thank Jim Briggs, Jeff Tinkham, George Powell, Bill Walsh, Jr., Mark Cromwell, and Phil Davenport for their service to the museum and guild BOD during this difficult time. 

Until we can be together in celebration again, cheers! 

Jason Seward  (

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