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Collector’s Shelf: Maurice Randolph Waterman

Collector's Shelf

“Morris” Waterman was born in Knotts Island, NC on Blackfoot Rd. he married June Riggs from Sandbridge and they were married for 67 years. He proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. And was awarded a Purple Heart and also a Gold Star. After serving in the Marines Morris worked for NCDOT as a crew leader for 25 years. And could run every piece of equipment they had.

He started carving decoys for hunting in the 1950’s. In 1965 “Morris” began to carve reproduction decoys and refined his talents to become a craftsman at repairing old decoys. Morris was recognized as one of the best decoy repairman in North Carolina and he taught many young people the skill of carving decoys. Also, he was an excellent painter (the BEST) of Mason Factory Decoys.

His father, Samuel H. Waterman was a hunting guide for The Swan Island Club in the Currituck Sound. Morris would accompany his father to Swan Island as a young man to help him with odd jobs at the club and watch his father repair and paint the club decoys. Morris’ grandfather, George Cason, also worked as the caretaker for The Swan Island Club.

In the 1950’s “Morris” also enjoyed racing boats in American Power Boat Assoc. Morris was one of the founding members of the Knotts Island Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company and helped to build the fire station and secure Knotts Island’s first fire truck for the island.

“Morris” will be greatly missed by not only his family and friends but especially by me personally and the decoy community for his great talents of restoring antique decoys. 

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