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Back Bay Wildfowl Guild Member Spotlight: Nathan W. Beck

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His big, warm smile may seem familiar to you. You may have met him at one of our museum’s member events. Strangers quickly notice his readiness to listen to a great story and make new friends. His humility may have kept you from also recognizing him as a well-traveled editorial photographer, former coach, philanthropist, race car driver, and PGA sports enthusiast. With all his talents, it surprises new friends how he can easily “crack” and land a golf ball perfectly where he aims. His love of various sports and helping others has opened many doors. His coaching years fueled a philanthropic action, and he now proudly serves on several Boards that financially help sports-talented students. Nathan’s community leadership and sponsorships have assisted hundreds of local young athletes to be publicly recognized and receive scholarships. Chesapeake Sports Club recently awarded Nathan the prestigious “Man of the Year” award for his well- deserved generous efforts.

So, what is Nathan’s Profession?

Nathan is an internationally known editorial and luxury brand photographer published worldwide. During his 28 years of experience behind the lens, he’s had the honor to photograph political leaders, including U.S. presidents, vice presidents, and governors as well as film and sports celebrities. He certainly has many entertaining stories to tell.

What makes Nathan get into his creative zone?

As a Lakota Native American of South Dakota, Nathan’s passion is to instinctively capture an image shouting with color, angles, and distinct lighting. His landscape, nature, dance, action, and sports shots make you stop to soak it all in. For example, in our September 2023 issue of the Wildfowler, the carved decoys (Left) beautifully highlighted were Nathan’s photographic work. That creative passion for beauty and color takes him all over the world. This month’s adventure was hiking the deserts of the American Southwest to capture stunning images for upcoming travel magazines.

We have great news for you and our region! Starting January 9th, you can study more of Nathan’s captured images locally. For two months, his unique photos will be proudly displayed as a journey experience at the Sandler Center (downtown Virginia Beach). Nathan once again shines as “the man behind the lens” with these action images jumping off the canvases and into our minds.

This original exhibit includes over 65 candid shots taking you from the fishing boats, oyster farms, farmers’ fields, transportation, to the dining rooms of your favorite Virginia Beach Restaurants. You will marvel at these photos showcasing the intricate behind-the-scenes kitchen ballet that turns raw ingredients into your delicious meal and sparkling beverage. This photographic experience shot by Nathan is entitled “The-Recipe” and is the genius of Martha Davenport (our beloved DeWitt Cottage volunteer and Exec. Dir. Virginia Beach Restaurant Association). His photos should educate the world to see Virginia Beach as a culinary destination. The cool part about Nathan’s eye is how his shots create lasting memories in our minds. It is as if we are standing next to him momentarily and seeing what he intends us to understand.

To see more of Nathan’s photographs, phone 540-292-8489, contact information, or schedule to hire Nathan, please visit his website at

We are very fortunate to have such great volunteers and members like Nathan. So many in fact, we will continue to highlight some of the other members, who continue to contribute so much to our organization and operation of the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum.

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