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COLLECTORS SHELF: WILLIAM “Will” Kight, Jr. (1897-1977)

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Will was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and moved with his family to Creeds, Virginia, where he grew up and worked as a farmer, waterman, and hunting guide. At one time he worked at the Corey Lodge on the Great Marsh as a hunting guide. Will Kight, Jr., like his father before him, was a decoy maker of canvas covered geese and swans. Those made by Kight, Sr. were branded W.D.K. Sr. 

Will Kight is remembered locally as a baseball player. He played for a number of years for clubs in the Princess Anne County area in a semi-pro baseball league. At that time games were played on Saturday and- Sunday after-noons. Later in his life “Will” moved with his family to Moyock, North Carolina around 1963, where he lived until his death in 1977 at age 80. 

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