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1113 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Museum Director’s Message

Museum Director, Lynn Hightower

I would like to begin by acknowledging your Back Bay Wildfowl Guild Board of Directors. It is because of their hard work and leadership that we are still able to operate our museum. Like all non-profits, we depend on the generosity of our members and visitors to be able to sustain our operation. Your Board has been able to weather several threats to our existence recently through strong political influence and well-grounded imagination in the events we produce. Please look on the last page of this newsletter, make note of the members of your Board of Directors and thank them for their hard work. I am grateful to have them as partners in the operation of the museum.

I also want to acknowledge a couple of Virginia Beach City Council Members who have been unwavering in their strong support for the museum, Rosemary Wilson and Michael Berlucchi. They are both running for reelection this year and now will need our support. Please support them in any way possible.

After almost an entire year of permits and hearings, we have been granted a Conditional Use Permit by the City Council to use the museum and its grounds as a venue for weddings, concerts, parties, reunions or business retreats. This opens the door for us to generate a large amount of revenue. Please be ready to recommend the museum as a venue for any event. For more information you may visit the deWitt Cottage Website at or the museum website at You may also contact Martha Davenport at or Lynn Hightower at

The Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum’s online gift shop is two years old! Please visit shop and browse our collection of items for sale. We will be adding new items daily throughout the summer. Ten Percent of every online purchase goes to help rescue injured wildfowl or protect environmentally sensitive wetlands. Shipping on every purchase is FREE! You can also come shop in person at the Shore Gallery Seaside Gift Shop. Please support your museum.

The museum gardens are in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous; please come by and visit with us soon!

Lynn Hightower
Museum Director

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