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1113 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

President’s Message


Friends of the AWHM,

While many of my messages feature the de Witt cottage and operations as my focus, my communication with you this month revolves around our guild.

Our last guild meeting was hands down my favorite since joining. There was no guest speaker or striking presentation. It was simply a show and tell where members brought whatever they felt inclined to share. I learned an incredible amount of new information, met some wonderful new friends, connected with some beautiful old ones (Jamie Champe), and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It was a reminder of just how lucky (Cheesy St. Patrick’s Day plug) we are to have our beloved guild and sparked a desire to get back to our roots, coming together more often as a guild. Many of you have expressed the same feeling to me.

To accommodate this desire, we will be changing our guild meeting format. Beginning in June, we will meet every other month as a guild. More information on date, time, and theme to come.

Furthermore, to enhance participation and attendance at guild meetings, we will introduce an incentive program for attendance. Various prizes and other giveaways will be offered throughout the year. For each guild meeting attended, your chances to win increase.

With all that has changed in the last year and more necessary changes ahead, one thing will always remain the same; our guild. It’s time to #rebuildtheguild.
I hope to see you all on Tuesday, April 7th for our next installment of Dine-out for De Witt at the Beach Pub on Laskin Road. Bring your friends and your enemies. It’s a great money making opportunity for our organization.

As always, I welcome your feedback, comments and questions,

Jason Seward