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2 years ago
Photos from Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum's post

Bufflehead Drake by John Mazach - GREAT WORK!
[This is from Al Brandtner's recently completed class].

3 years ago

The kites are, again flying. Our new website will be soon too! More later. Great-DUCKY- days to all of you.

3 years ago
The Gem of the Oceanfront

"On the crest of the newfallen snow."

3 years ago

After two days of being closed - we are RE-OPENED. Snow is a beautiful thing-in moderate amounts. Some of our streets, bike paths and the Boardwalk are still rather icy.
If you are in town, please ... See more

3 years ago

How cool-we are up to 424 likes-SO FAR. How cool would it be to hit 500 before Monday's Back Bay Wildfowl Guild Meeting?!? Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Stay warm! [At least I'm ... See more

3 years ago

Okay Friends: Please invite ALL your Facebook Friends to like this Museum. I am NOT doing a sociological study about the impact of "social media" - but it would be so far beyond "cool" to have over ... See more

3 years ago

I don't know what to do about the museum's Facebook page. We are only 8 "likes" shy of the "magical number" of 400. I'm hesitant to invite ALL of my fb friends to hit the like button [it might blow ... See more

3 years ago
Photos from Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum's post

Al Brandtner's work - awesome as always. [why he goes by the nick name "Al"-short for always. I refuse to say, "Aw, Al" though!!!!

3 years ago
Untitled Album

Al Brandtner's Blue Winged Teals-awesome as usual!!

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