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1 week ago
Back Bay Brewing

Awesome event happening September 30th at the deWitt Cottage!

8 months ago

We are the oldest structure on VB's oceanfront! Built in 1895 by B. P. Holland, a railroad clerk (also first elected Mayor of Virginia Beach) as a wedding present for his new bride. Mrs. Holland ... See more

8 months ago

New website launched November 3, 2016, Check us out on the web! Online gift shop coming soon

1 year ago


1 year ago
Photos from Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum's post

With Great sadness this post is made in memory of Bud Coppedge...from "The Wildfowler" [Winter 2015]-the Museum's Newsletter.

Most early Tuesday afternoons, you will find Bud Coppedge quietly ... See more

1 year ago

Decoy Road Show is a Free Decoy appraisal. Many people have old decoys they received from a relative and don't know the relative [auction] worth of them. Recently, 2 old "unassuming" decoys went ... See more

1 year ago

A Party, Celebration and Interesting Event in One!

2 years ago
Timeline Photos

Can 525 Friends make this event go viral?! Going to be a BLAST. And hey- it's FREE.
A LOT OF PEOPLE have an old decoy that parents or grandparents gave them. Bring them to this event and find out ... See more

2 years ago

Our new website is up! Please make a virtual visit [and a visit in person when you can!]

Hours and description

2 years ago

We are the oldest structure on VB's oceanfront (lighthouses at Cape Henry are not "technically" on the oceanfront). Old as she may be, this place is the COOLEST place at the oceanfront. 120+40+20 in ... See more

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