mm One may ask “What do ducks, decoys, hunt clubs and local history have to do with anything these days?”  That is a fair question and the answer is fairly simple.  The Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum may be a “niche” museum, but we are preserving and perpetuating a tradition that goes back literally thousands of years.  At the turn of the last century wildfowling was considered “the gentleman’s sport”.  Many of those gentlemen had national and international influence.  The world was probably changed more than once in a duck blind on Back Bay and/or Currituck Sound.

nnWhile some of our visitors may not understand the impact wildfowling and the railroad had on our local history, that impact is still felt today in myriad ways.  The resort area of Virginia Beach may not have been discovered for the treasure it is without northern sportsman visiting here, maybe leaving their wives behind at one of the cottages or grand hotels which were developed as a result of the demand for the railroads to get them close enough to the waters and marshes of Back Bay and Currituck Sound so they could challenge themselves in the friendly sport of wildfowling.

So the answer to the above question is: It might not seem like much, but these dayswould not be as they are without those days.  Our heritage is our legacy.